RTCA Establishes 40th Anniversary Society

Ministry will recognize a new category of supporters with latest program.

The Race Track Chaplaincy of America will recognize a new category of supporters in 2012 by establishing the 40th Anniversary Society.

Currently, for gifts of $5,000 and above, donors are recognized members of the White Horse Fellowship, a name it shares with the award RTCA presents annually to backstretch workers. The White Horse Fellowship currently has 17 members who gave $5,000 or more to RTCA in 2011.

Now the 40th Anniversary Society is another opportunity for others to participate in a recognition program, and to help propel RTCA into another 40 years of impactful ministry. By making a gift of $1,000 or more, supporters will be added to a cadre of individuals, businesses, and organizations that believe in the mission and work of RTCA’s chaplains.

“This new giving society emerged out of conversations we had with Steve Andersen, founder of EquineSavings.com, who is a supporter of RTCA,” said director of development Paul Ransdell in a release.

EquineSavings.com partnered with RTCA as a sponsor of the 2011 White Horse Award Luncheon, and became a member of the White Horse Fellowship.  But Andersen and Ransdell recognized the need to encourage others to partner with RTCA, or to increase their annual support.

Meanwhile, 2012 marks RTCA’s 40th anniversary. Founded by retired racetracker Salty Roberts and incorporated in 1972, RTCA has been endorsing, training, and equipping chaplains at racetracks and training centers throughout the United States and abroad.

Benefits of participation in the 40th Anniversary Society include the bi-monthly e-newsletter, the official RTCA directory, complimentary tickets to the annual awards luncheon, an RTCA logo shirt, an RTCA collector’s medallion, and 15% discount on all RTCA books and publications.

“Private support has made the past 40 years of ministry possible, so this recognition society is aptly named,” said RTCA president Gary Cartwright in a statement. “This is our way of formalizing our appreciation of RTCA’s supporters.”

For information about the 40th Anniversary Society or the White Horse Fellowship, go to www.rtcanational.org/giving, or contact the National Service Center at (859) 410-7822.