Anne M. Eberhardt

New Stakes Recap Show Set for

Monday episodes with Evan Hammonds to provide highlights, analysis starting Jan. 30. is launching a new online video program, “After the Wire,” on Jan. 30, with the inaugural episode available on the website by 11 a.m. (EST).

"After the Wire" will follow the Monday schedule weekly and will focus solely on the previous weekend’s Thoroughbred racing. Each installment of 4-5 minutes will provide an insightful recap of the results and highlight the biggest and most exciting stakes races.

Host Evan Hammonds will provide analysis on the impact of these races on key events such as the Triple Crown series and the Breeders' Cup World Thoroughbred Championships.

Said Hammonds: "I'm really excited about bringing 'After the Wire' to and our stable of online shows such as 'That Handicapping Show' and 'And They're Off.' I hope to take the energy of the week's best racing and deliver some insightful analysis in a fast-paced style. I promise to tell you not only about what we just saw, but about what it means down the road."

Weekly episodes will include replay excerpts from highlighted races.

A minimum of 40 shows will air throughout the year. Each week’s Monday program will be posted on by 11 a.m.