Safety Alliance Standards Updated for 2012

The additions focus on model rules related to race-day medication and security.

Members of the National Thoroughbred Racing Association Safety and Integrity Alliance have been given the updated code of standards for 2012, officials said March 12.

The code is used in conjunction with accreditation of racetracks by the alliance. There are member tracks, and 22 have been accredited through the program that was launched in October 2008.

Racetracks are re-accredited every two years based upon the latest code of standards.

“Public feedback has always been an important part of this annual process,” alliance executive director Mike Ziegler said in a statement. “We hope that everyone in the industry will review the 2012 code online and send us their thoughts.”

New code protocol deals mainly with race-day medication model rules concerning administration of the anti-bleeding drug furosemide, also called Salix or Lasix; testing threshold levels for phenylbutazone, commonly referred to as Bute; and heightened security on racing days.

Compliance standards cover six broad areas, including injury reporting and prevention; safety equipment and a safer racing environment; medication and testing; health and safety of jockeys; aftercare of equine athletes; and wagering security.

The 2012 code of standards can be viewed here. The NTRA said comments on the revisions can be submitted via email ( by March 22.