Incumbents Mostly Re-Elected to TOC Board

The 15-member board will be seated during the organization's April board meeting.

Eight of 10 incumbents are among the 15 individuals that won election to the Thoroughbred Owners of California board of directors.

There were 30 candidates for the 15 spots on the board and the TOC in a release noted the “turnout” for the election was 30% of the membership.

The following candidates were elected and appear in order of number of votes received: Mike Pegram, Kathy Walsh, John Sadler, Bob Baffert, Ed Moger, Ron McAnally, Madeline Auerbach, Mark Dedomenico, Dennis Cardoza, Pablo Suarez, Mike Harrington, George Todaro, Mike Wellman, George Krikorian, and Jack Owens.

The top five vote- getters were elected to serve three-year terms, the second five for two-year terms, and the final five for one-year terms. The newly elected board will be seated at the April board meeting.

“I’m very proud of our TOC members, who really stepped up to the plate and voted in record numbers for this election,” said Pegram, current chairman of the TOC. “They have elected an impressive group of individuals to represent them at a very important time.

“We truly appreciate the participation of all 30 of this year’s candidates. And we look forward to working with the newly elected board members toward a productive 2012 and beyond.”

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