Owner Profiles Complement New Website

The profiles available through Equibase are part of a new ownership website.

Thoroughbred owner profiles that will be used in conjunction with a website being developed by The Jockey Club are now available through Equibase, officials said.

The owner profiles, searchable from 2010, are housed in the Stats Central section at Equibase.com. The pages consolidate the most current racing statistics for individual owners, owners who race in partnerships and stables, syndicates, and other racing entities.

Equibase president and chief operating officer Hank Zeitlin said there were 64,670 Thoroughbred starters that raced under 32,124 unique ownerships last year.

“Thoroughbred OwnerView,” a website that will be launched in April, is designed to encourage racehorse ownership. The website will feature detailed information on trainers, public racing syndicates, racehorse retirement, and owner licensing.