The Jockey Club Issues Third Progress Report

Update on initiatives recommended by McKinsey & Company in August 2011.

The Jockey Club has issued its third progress report outlining initiatives it and its affiliated companies have completed or are working on as a result of recommendations made by McKinsey & Company in August 2011.

The seven-page synopsis entitled “Building Sustainable Growth: Progress Report 3” outlines recent initiatives that include development of the “America’s Best Racing” brand which, according to The Jockey Club, “showcases America’s best horses, races, tracks, jockeys, trainers, and owners with a focus on the two seasons: Road to the Triple Crown and Road to the Breeders’ Cup.” The America’s Best Racing website was launched April 14.

Other initiatives included in the progress report are establishment of Thoroughbred OwnerView, a free website aimed at current and future horse owners; beta testing of the free-to-play game “Major League Horse Racing;” results of the success of the televised horse racing series and work being done on alternative television properties; implementation of various communications projects; status of the “Thoroughbred World” social game scheduled for launch later this month; development of the Scheduling Tool & Condition Book Matrix Project; and work on the centralized "Customer Relationship Management System."

Jason Wilson, vice president of business development for The Jockey Club, is overseeing the projects with assistance from a small group of managers from The Jockey Club, the National Thoroughbred Racing Communications, and several consultants.

This spring, The Jockey Club will re-engage McKinsey & Company to update the study and provide a report.