Jockey Club Releases Letter on Salix Use

New York regulators had solicited comments from the industry on equine medication.

The Jockey Club May 15 released an eight-page letter it submitted to the New York State Racing and Wagering Board the previous day in regard to use of the race-day medication and furosemide and other equine medication-related issues.

The letter, signed by Jockey Club chairman Ogden Mills Phipps, describes the services The Jockey Club provides to the Thoroughbred industry and "reiterates the organization’s longstanding belief that horses should compete only when free from the influence of medication," according to a release.

The NYSRWB solicited comments concerning the use and regulation of furosemide, also called Salix or Lasix, and equine drug policy in general..

The Jockey Club letter and its response to questions from the NYSRWB is available here.