Anne M. Eberhardt

Survey: Finding the Top Middle-Market Tracks

The Blood-Horse wants to know which are the top middle-market racetracks.

Most everyone is familiar with the big racetracks—Belmont Park, Del Mar, Keeneland, Saratoga Race Course, and Santa Anita Park. But the U.S. racing landscape is crisscrossed with vibrant middle-market tracks supported by loyal horsemen and fans. As all businesses step up their efforts to compete for customers’ entertainment dollars, The Blood-Horse staff began wondering which—among these middle-market tracks—are doing the best job of attracting and keeping fans through quality racing or exceptional customer service.

The one most qualified to answer this question is you, the racing fan. So please take two to three minutes to complete the survey. You’ll be asked to select your favorite and second-favorite among a list of 20 middle-market racetracks. These tracks were selected by first sorting all North American tracks by median purses offered and removing the top 25% off the top. The next highest-ranked tracks are listed in the survey. They are essentially tracks whose median purses for 2011 were between $20,000 and $11,400.

Please be sure to include some specific examples of why the tracks you picked are your favorites. Thank you for participating in the survey and look for the results to appear in The Blood-Horse in the near future.