Equine Health a Topic at Indiana CE Program

The program is part of the licensing requirement for trainers in Indiana.

Diagnosing and treating upper and lower respiratory issues and the use of corticosteroids in racehorses will be discussed as part of a continuing education seminar for trainers June 27 at Indiana Downs.

Indiana is one of two states that make continuing education part of the licensing process for trainers. The rule states that beginning in 2013 trainers must demonstrate, prior to being licensed, that they have attended a four-hour continuing education course approved by the Indiana Horse Racing Commission within the past two calendar years.

Trainers that completed an approved continuing education course in 2011-12 meet the requirement through the 2014 racing season. The continuing education requirement does not apply to trainers who have started horses six or fewer times in Indiana the previous year.

“We want trainers to ship here,” IHRC executive director Joe Gorajec said. “If they’re going to be racing here on a regular basis or more than just a few times, they have to go through the continuing education program.”

According to IHRC statistics, there were 431 trainers with starts in Indiana, and 82—19%—took the course previously. The program has been attended by 29 of the top 50 trainers.

There were 317 trainers with 10 or less starts, and 24 of them, or 7.5%, attended the program. There were 286 trainers with six or fewer starts, and 13 of them went through the program even though it wasn’t required.

The CE program at Indiana Downs will run from noon-4 p.m. EDT and include discussion on immigration and workers’ compensation issues. Gorajec said Dr. Scot Waterman, now a consultant but formerly of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium, will handle the discussion on corticosteroids.