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Del Mar

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Del Mar Handle Up, Attendance Down

All-source wagering increased 3.5% during first 15 days of meet.

Fueled by strong on-track and out-of-state simulcast wagering, all-sources handle has increased 3.5% during the first three weeks of racing at Del Mar in Southern California.

According to the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, a total of $175,683,898 has been wagered during the first 15 days of the meet, compared with $169,775,291 for the same number of days in 2011. The daily average handle of $11,712,260 was also up 3.5% over the $11,318,353 average for the same period a year ago.

The $35,213,633 wagered on-track during the first three weeks represents a 10.3% gain over the $31,916,280 figure a year ago and out-of-state simulcast and ADW betting is up 3.5% from $74,302,264 to $76,760,433.

Inter-track and ADW wagering in other Southern California locations increased 1.1% during the first 15 days, with ITW and ADW declining 6.1% in the northern part of the state.

DMTC reported that average daily on-track attendance of 19,270 was 4.1% below the 20,101 average through the first three weeks of 2011, but is improving on a weekly basis. Attendance was down 6.4% after the first week of live racing, but the decline was only 3.8% during week 3.

The 8.34 average runners per race for the 132 races contested during the period was an improvement over the 8.17 average at the same juncture a year ago. So far in 2012, 73 horses have been eligible for the track’s “Ship and Win” program, which entitles eligible horses to an additional 25% of earned purse monies in non-stakes races in their 2012 Del Mar debut, plus an additional $1,000. There were 46 “Ship and Win” eligible horses through the first three weeks of 2011.