The Jockey Club's Games Draw Interest

"Thoroughbred World" and "Major League Horse Racing" are interactive games.

The Jockey Club announced Aug. 22 that its "Major League Horse Racing" interactive game attracted more than 1,200 players during its first week and that the game "Thoroughbred World" has had more than 2,000 players since its Aug. 16 launch.

Players can access both games through Facebook. Major League Horse Racing is also available at, and there is an Apple iPad version of Thoroughbred World coming soon.

In a release, The Jockey Club described Major League Horse Racing as "an interactive game that combines the skill of fantasy sports and the fun of social media with the excitement of horse racing."

The other interactive game, "Thoroughbred World," allows participants to simulate horse breeding and racing.

"These games complement our fan development strategy and will be heavily promoted through our America's Best Racing platform and our television programming," Jason G. Wilson, The Jockey Club's vice president of business development, said in the release. "Free-to-play online games have been successful in teaching consumers how to play other games, such as online poker, and they attract fans.

"If you love the thrill of the race and would like to experience handicapping in a low-risk way, then the free-to-play Major League Horse Racing should appeal to you," said Wilson. "If you would rather spend time on the farm than at the track, you will likely enjoy Thoroughbred World."

In Major League Horse Racing, players will complete a race card each week, assigning "Game Bucks" to the four horses they believe will outperform the field. Additional "Game Bucks" can be earned through various social tasks on Facebook and Twitter.

Both games were developed as part of a wide-ranging fan development initiative that was recommended in the comprehensive 2011 economic study of the Thoroughbred industry, which was commissioned by The Jockey Club and conducted by McKinsey & Company.