Del Mar Adjusts Figures Due to Report Error

Advance deposit wagering for in-state bets overstated by TVG during final two weeks.

Due to a reporting error on in-state advance deposit wagering bets during the final two weeks of the Del Mar meeting, the track has adjusted slightly downward its final figures on handle for its just-concluded meeting.

The error was caused by a malfunction with the electronic reports submitted to CHRIMS, the official data base and reporting agency for California racing, by betting provider TVG’s automated systems.

TVG reported the error in a letter dated Sept. 6 noting that its system had overstated ADW handle by California residents on out-of-state races of $14,396,311 between Aug. 21 and Sept. 3, 2012. Del Mar’s portion of the error was $9,681,116.

TVG noted in its letter that the error had no impact on customer wagering or funds, but instead was limited to a report used by ADWs and racing associations for accounting and fee settlement purposes. The error was identified by TVG and CHRIMS in their month-end reconciliation process for August.

As a result of the error and handle correction, all-sources handle for the 2012 Del Mar meeting was adjusted to a daily average of $12,392,429 for the 37-day session, an increase of 6.6% over the 2011 figures. Average in-state ADW handle for the meet also was adjusted to $1,551,180, an increase of 15.0% above 2011. All other information previously reported in the track’s end-of-season release will not change as a result of the adjustment.