Equibase.com Adds Entries Plus Feature

Free interactive product available for races at all North American racetracks

Equibase Company has added Entries Plusa free interactive product available for races at all North American racetracksto the menu of handicapping information available at equibase.com.

"Entries Plus is a visual product that enables you to look at a race in a totally new way, and is particularly targeted for that person who is new to racing," said Equibase president and COO Hank Zeitlin. "It takes the data found in each race entry and couples it with basic racing performance information to present data in a way that is interactive and engaging. After extensive focus group testing, we introduced Entries Plus for the Breeders' Cup races as part of a limited test launch to very positive reviews. We are excited to make the product available for every race at every Thoroughbred racetrack."

Available via a link within the entries section of equibase.com, Entries Plus offers information on every horse in the field in three visual categoriescolor bars, line graphs and bar graphsin addition to an overall snapshot category for each race. Users will also have the ability to sort columns, view only the horses they want to see, and hover over graphs to reveal specific data on each horse.

Each horse name throughout Entries Plus is linked to their respective Profile Page within Stats Central for added information. A free elementary wagering guide called "Off to the Races" is also available within Entries Plus.