Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear

Anne M. Eberhardt

Report: Kentucky Gov. Mulls Gaming Options

Kentucky governor is considering proposal that initially would not protect racing.

After efforts to allow casino gambling in Kentucky stalled in the legislature in recent years, Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is considering a proposal that would not guarantee casino licenses for tracks or revenue for the racing industry.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reports that before Beshear moves forward on such a proposal, he would meet with horse industry leaders to make sure they support it. Without industry guarantees, added gambling could become added competition for Kentucky tracks but Beshear told the paper that the industry would be protected when enabling legislation is written.

"It has become pretty clear, I think, from our past experience that having a bunch of qualifying language trying to give the horse industry protection in a constitutional amendment is not going to fly," Beshear told the Courier-Journal. "There's not enough support for that."

Beshear did not commit to making any proposal this year, noting that the earliest it could be put before voters would be November 2014. This year's 30-day regular session is scheduled to begin Jan. 8. The 2014 session is scheduled for 60 days.