TrueNicks Launches Key Ancestors Report

The product considers all male and female ancestors within five generations.

TrueNicks has announced the launch of the new Key Ancestors Report for broodmare owners.

According to a release, the breakthrough product considers a mare's entire pedigreeall male and female ancestors within five generationsand identifies the key ancestors to seek out or avoid in the pedigrees of stallions in prospective matings.

Accessing the international pedigree and race results database of The Jockey Club Information Systems, the Key Ancestors Report finds related mares that are bred similarly to your mare and evaluates their produce history, according to TrueNicks.

The release explained that for any group of related mares, there are ancestors that contribute to success just as there are ancestors that are deleterious to success. The Key Ancestors Report identifies these positive and negative ancestors so breeders can plan matings accordingly.

"I believe that the TrueNicks Key Ancestors Report is the most complex and comprehensive report of its kind ever made available to breeders," Alan Porter, co-founder of TrueNicks and creator of the TrueNicks rating, said in a statement. "The report uses the proven TrueNicks methodology, which utilizes the entire database of The Jockey Club Information Systems to evaluate success relative to opportunity, but extends that methodology to consider the full pedigree of the mare."

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The TrueNicks program was developed by Blood-Horse Publications in partnership with Porter and Byron Rogers of Pedigree Consultants.