Thoroughbred Times Online Auction Postponed

Several intellectual property disputes to be settled in a Jan. 24 hearing.

An online auction of Thoroughbred Times assets has been postponed due to a couple of intellectual property ownership disputes, according to the auction house.

Halfhill Auction Group founder Jim Halfhill Sr., said court action has been taken by The Jockey Club over data stored on some of the company's servers and databases that were to be sold. Disputes have also been filed by a couple of photographers. Halfhill said a court hearing to settle the issues is scheduled for Jan. 24 in Lexington.

The auction company is selling all the property owned by Bow Tie Publishing's Thoroughbred publication, which declared Chapter 7 bankruptcy in September.

"I expect all the disputes over the Thoroughbred Times property to be settled at that hearing," Halfhill said.

The company's intellectual property including the name, website, copyrights, trademarks, databases, Web servers, and digital and hardcopy photo library was to be sold through an online auction beginning Jan. 14. The auction has now been tentatively set to be held Jan. 28 through Feb. 1.

An on-site auction of office furniture, office supplies, computers, and artwork is still scheduled for Jan. 26 at 10 a.m. The Thoroughbred Times office is at 2008 Mercer Road, Lexington.