Turfway to Honor Quick-Acting Peterman

Track's starter captured loose horse Joseph the Catfish, who had jumped the rail.

Turfway Park will honor starter Steve Peterman after the first race March 15, in recognition of his successful capture of loose horse Joseph the Catfish March 2. 

The 3-year-old colt was making his first start in Turfway's last race that night when he bolted on the turn, lost his rider, jumped the rail, and headed across several parking lots and busy Houston Road. 

Peterman, who had just left the track, saw commotion in the parking lot first, and then saw the frightened horse heading toward traffic. Track veterinarians helped stop cars and were able to get in front of the colt, who by then was on the I-75 south ramp. 

Peterman caught up as the colt turned back toward Houston Road. He pulled over, jumped out of his truck, and grabbed the bridle. The colt's momentum pulled them both down to the pavement. Neither was injured beyond cuts and bruises.