Sanan's BC Resignation Opens NTRA Board Seat

Satish Sanan resigned from Breeders' Cup board of directors May 9.

The recent resignation of Satish Sanan from the Breeders' Cup board of directors will open that organization's seat on the National Thoroughbred Racing Association board.

Sanan resigned from his Breeders' Cup director position May 9, citing a lack of transparency from the board and other concerns. Sanan also had served as the Breeders' Cup's representative on the NTRA board, a position Breeders' Cup said May 14 will be filled in June.

Sanan questioned how that transition has been handled, saying May 14 that no one from Breeders' Cup told him he would no longer be the organization's NTRA board representative. Sanan also believes proper protocol requires a vote by the Breeders' Cup board.

"It's my understanding that only the Breeders' Cup chairman and board can make this decision," said Sanan, who noted that he is still a Breeders' Cup member. At Breeders' Cup, there are 13 directors on the board who are elected by 48 members. While Sanan resigned from his director position, he is still a member.

Breeders' Cup said in a statement that Sanan has not been removed as its NTRA board representative but that his term will expire Friday when the NTRA conducts its annual meeting. Breeders' Cup said the NTRA board representative from Breeders' Cup has traditionally been served by Breeders' Cup directors. It plans to name a new representative in June.

"The Breeders' Cup Board will be asked to fill the seat on the NTRA board at its upcoming meeting in June," Breeders' Cup said in a statement. "Breeders' Cup representatives on the NTRA board have as a matter of practice been members of the board from which Mr. Sanan recently resigned."

Sanan said he plans to e-mail a letter to the NTRA and others about his concerns.