Illinois Makes ADW Legal Again

Gov. Pat Quinn signs bill June 7 putting advance deposit wagering back in business.

Advance deposit wagering is legal again in Illinois after Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill June 7 restoring authorization.

ADW providers immediately reopened access to Illinois-based accounts.

The Illinois legislature let authorization for ADW lapse as of Jan. 1 and bills to restore the popular wagering mechanism languished until the final days of the spring session. The bill that finally went to Quinn's desk also granted retroactive approval for two providers that continued to accept wagers for a short time after the Jan. 1 date, provided they pay applicable taxes.

The bill also included release to Illinois racetracks of about $23 million in casino taxes that had been held in a special account. To get the money, tracks agreed to forego some $80 million from the fundmoney that now will be used instead for infrastructure needs.

The governor's signature also is good news for the Illinois Racing Board, which is funded in large part by taxes on ADW. Without renewed authorization, the IRB would have been forced to curtail services or consider reductions in the Illinois racing schedule.