Woodbine EHV-1: Some Restrictions Lifted

The Ontario Racing Commission (ORC) has lifted restrictions placed on horses residing in Barn 3 at Woodbine Racetrack, and horses not stabled in Barn 1 are now permitted to leave the property, said ORC Manager of Veterinary Services Adam Chambers, BVMS.

On June 12, the ORC announced that five horses residing in Barn 1 at the Toronto, Ontario, racetrack had tested positive for equine herpesvirus-1 (EHV-1). In a notice to the industry, the ORC reported that one horse was euthanized on June 10 after becoming recumbent with a fever. A second horse in the same barn also had a fever and showed neurologic signs; that horse was transported to the Ontario Veterinary College for evaluation and treatment, the notice said.

Subsequently, the ORC implemented biosecurity protocol that prevented horses residing in Barns 1 and 3 from leaving their barns and any horse from leaving the premises without ORC permission.

"While no horse in Barn 3 had at any time tested positive for EHV-1, the restrictions were initiated as a pony with direct contact with horses in Barn 1 was stabled in Barn 3," Chambers said in a June 19 notice.

In yesterday's notice, Chambers announced that all horses residing in Barn 3 had returned negative EHV-1 tests.

"There have been two negative tests for EHV-1 for all horses in Barn 3, and as a result these horses may now train during normal training hours and race," he said.

Restrictions placed on Barn 1 remain, but have been loosened to allow some horses to return to training.

"The three horses from Barn 1 that had tested positive for EHV-1 are not allowed to leave their barn," the notice read. "All other Barn 1 horses will be allowed to train on the training track after the track closes to training for all other horses.

"If there is a second negative test for EHV-1 for all of the horses in Barn 1, their restrictions on racing and training will be lifted on June 26, 2013," the statement said. "After two negative tests for EHV-1 are received, the horses that had been stabled in isolation due to preliminary concerns will be allowed back to their respective barns."

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