Trainer Diodoro Fined by Hollywood Stewards

His horse, Mr. Bossy Pants, tested positive for anti-bleeder drug carbazochrome.

Trainer Robertino Diodoro agreed to a pay a $2,500 fine July 6 after a horse in his care tested positive for the prohibited adjunct bleeder medication carbazochrome, also known as "Kentucky Red."

A seven-day suspension handed down by stewards at Betfair Hollywood Park was stayed provided Diodoro has no further medication violations during a one-year probationary period.

Mr. Bossy Pants tested positive for carbazochrome and tranexamic acid after winning the second race at Santa Anita Park Feb. 2, 2013.

Through July 6, Diodoro has won 61 races with 306 starters in 2013. A trainer since 1995, he is currently starting horses at Canterbury ParkAssiniboia, and Northlands Park.