No Other Charges as Godolphin Inquiry Wraps

British regulator decides no further charges will be issued in steroid case.

The British Horseracing Authority announced July 25 the conclusion of its investigation and completion of the report into the 22 horses stabled at Godolphin's Moulton Paddocks yard in Newmarket which are known to have been administered with anabolic steroids.

The horses were all under the care of the then-licensed trainer Mahmood Al Zarooni until his April 25 disqualification. Following a review of the findings of the report, the BHA has decided not to issue any further disciplinary charges.

According to the BHA, there was no evidence of any other parties being involved with the administration of prohibited substances beyond those identified at the April 25 disciplinary panel hearing. In addition, no evidence was found to challenge or dispute the findings of the disciplinary panel with regard to the events that took place within the yard.

The investigation did not find any evidence to suggest the decision to use anabolic steroids involved those that can be considered as Al Zarooni's superiors or any of the other senior figures at the yard, including assistant trainer Charlie Appleby and head lad Oliver Costello.

However, the investigation did highlight a number of key failings both in terms of process and within the management structure at Moulton Paddocks. This created an environment in which these offenses were able to be perpetrated by Al Zarooni without being detected by others. The investigation found that Al Zarooni was able to act in a manner which marginalized several of his senior staff, which subsequently resulted in these events being able to unfold entirely without their knowledge or oversight.

The key findings of this report have been submitted to Godolphin management as a guide to implementing immediate structural and procedural changes which the BHA considers are necessary at Moulton Paddocks.

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