Murty Bros. Arrested on Animal Cruelty Charge

At least two dozen horses in care of the brothers found in deplorable conditions.

Twin brothers Duane and Wayne Murty, high-flying international bloodstock agents in decades past, were arrested the evening of July 25 by Woodford County sheriffs on one count of animal cruelty charges.

Between 24 and 30 horses owned by the 77-year-old brothers were found to be malnourished and shut in feces-filled stalls at Hopewell Farm near Midway, Ky., on July 2.
Two of the horses were in such bad condition they had to be euthanized. The Murty brothers were leasing part of Hopewell Farm from its previous owner, Richard Trontz. The farm was sold at auction July 16.
According to the Woodford County Sheriff’s website, the Murty brothers were being held at the Woodford County Detention Center.