HANA Launches Monthly E-Magazine

It will focus on handicapping and educating potential players, the organization said.

The Horseplayers Association of North America said Sept. 9 it has launched a monthly e-magazine that focuses on handicapping horse races.

HANA said the e-magazine, called Horseplayer Monthly, is downloadable and free to HANA members and non-members.

HANA president Jeff Platt said the organization has three things in mind with the new product.

"Handicapping horses is the greatest gambling game ever invented, and we want that shouted from the rooftops," Platt said. "If it helps even one person become a better player, or reaches a new potential player to help them get interested in handicapping, we've succeeded.

"In addition, we feel by publishing the e-magazine, HANA can reach more people who may want to become HANA members, help out, be engaged to promote racing, lobby their political leaders (if need be) on horseplayer taxation or uniform rules, or anything else that can help the sport. Lastly, we rely solely on donations, so we hope by attracting nominal advertising dollars we can grow the organization in exciting new ways."

The first edition has a feature interview with Craig Milkowski from TimeformUS about making figures, and his general handicapping thoughts.Horseplayer Monthly can be viewed at http://horseplayersassociation.org/hanamonthly.html.