Report: KY Group to Push for Casino Gambling

Businessmen said they are leading effort to get constitutional amendment on ballot.

A group called "Kentucky Wins" said it plans to lobby for a constitutional amendment on casino gambling.

The Louisville Courier-Journal reported Oct. 3 that three businessmen are behind the effort. The newspaper identified them as attorneys Ed Glasscock and Terry McBrayer, and investor Jonathan Blue.

Glasscock told the Courier-Journal the group could push for seven casinos around the state, but offered no further details. There would be no guarantee Kentucky's horse industry would operate casinos, Glasscock told the newspaper.

The equine industry, which for the most part has spearheaded expanded gambling efforts over the past 20 years, has not yet said it will make another push during the 2014 General Assembly session. Before the short 2013 session began, the industry opted not to support a push for a basic constitutional amendment that didn't identify casino locations.