Nat Rea (right)

Nat Rea (right)

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Rea's Regis Farms Purchases Hopewell Farm

Nat Rea has purchased 367 acres of the former Hopewell Farm property.

Nat Rea's Regis Farms has purchased 367 acres of the former Hopewell Farm property in Woodford County for $5.2 million.

The Woodford Sun reported that Rea purchased the farm at 4240 Pisgah Pike from Land Holding LLC, which lists John R. Gassie as vice president. PNC Bank's Land Holding LLC had landed the 367-acre tract for $4.22 million at a July auction.

Hopewell had been a 584-acre farm owned by breeder Richard Trontz. In July, PNC Bank purchased two of the largest tracts of land of the former farm, a 174-acre parcel and the 367-acre parcel, for a total of $6.5 million. Lexington neurosurgeon Dr. Matthew Tutt purchased 43.27 acres.

The Woodford Sun reports that the property purchased by Rea includes the 6,500 square-foot Faywood Mansion, seven horse barns (one stallion barn), three employee houses, one guest house, a shop, and an equipment shed.

Rea also owns the 300-acre Silver Springs Farm near Paris, Ky.