Anne M. Eberhardt

AHC Seeks Industry Input on Equine Study

National Animal Health Monitoring System Equine Study is now in preparation stages.

The American Horse Council is asking its member organizations, their members, and the entire horse community to help in the drafting of the 2015 National Animal Health Monitoring System Equine Study, which is now in the preparation stages.

NAHMS is within the United States Department of Agriculture and is working with the National Agricultural Statistics Service to prepare for its 2015 equine study.

In a release, the AHC stressed how the horse industry's input is essential for the study to address related priorities and questions.

"All organizations should pass this request on to their members so horse owners, breeders, and stakeholders can participate in the preparation of the 2015 study goals," the AHC said Nov. 11. "This important study can go a long way in filling out information gaps in equine industry data. NAHMS is seeking input through the end of 2013."

The AHC noted how the horse community has the opportunity to help determine the objectives of the study by identifying what information it would like to know about itself.

A five-minute survey is available here. Surveys must be completed by Dec. 31.

NAHMS will use the survey results to draft the parameters of its 2015 national study of the equine industry, which is scheduled to begin that summer. The study is conducted every 10 years; the last one was in 2005.

Results of previous NAHMS equine studies are available at