Lovato Creates Racing Terms Video Series

Frank Lovato Jr.'s "365 Days of Racing Terminology" series aims to educate fans.

Providing an entertaining way to educate racing fans and bring them closer to the sport was the impetus behind a new video series created by retired Eclipse Award-winning jockey Frank Lovato Jr.

Lovato started 2013 with a goal of producing a video for each day of the year that explained a different racing term or phrase. He just completed "365 Days of Racing Terminology," which can be viewed free of charge on his jockeyworld.org website. Jockey World is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Lovato created to promote education and safety in horse racing.

"I believe the better you understand something, the better chance you will enjoy it, and this brings us all together to share our love for horses and horse racing," Lovato said. "The response has been amazing. Fans from all over the world have been responding on social media, and the series will always be available for the public to refer to and enjoy forever."

The project required Lovato to devote an average of four hours per day to writing and producing each two- to four-minute segment. The videos use illustrations, race footage, and interviews with experts, such as farriers or veterinarians, to explain terms pertinent to the sport of racing. Lovato was aided by his Jockey World assistant, Kayla Jarvinen, and the project was sponsored by various organizations, businesses, and individuals in the racing community. The series is also available on YouTube