The Jockey Club Rolls Out Redesigned Websites

TJC has separate sites for registry activity and for industry-related activities.

The Jockey Club rolled out two website redesigns Jan. 8one that highlights industry service activities, advocacy efforts, and provides information about its affiliated companies, and one for the registry side of the company.

"With two separate websites, owners and breeders can go directly to the registry site to conduct registration-related business electronically while those seeking information about The Jockey Club or the Thoroughbred industry can go directly to The Jockey Club site," said Jim Gagliano, president and chief operating officer for The Jockey Club.

Designed and developed by The Jockey Club Information Systems, prominently displays and describes activities relating to aftercare, integrity, safety initiatives, and promotion of the sport. It also features a steady stream of "tweets" from Twitter accounts of The Jockey Club companies and a link to The Jockey Club's Facebook page.

The site features horizontal navigation and a responsive design architecture that optimizes presentation on mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones

"The redesigned site makes it easier for industry leaders, fans, and horse lovers to see what's being done and find out how they can get involved," Gagliano said.

The Registry's website,, now provides easier navigation for customers needing registration information and services, such as registering foals and naming and identifying horses, according to a release.

To help consolidate information, the report of mares bred and breeding statistics have been moved to the breeding section of the "Fact Book" and the rule book and fee schedule have been moved to The Jockey Club Registry website.