Anne M. Eberhardt

Kentucky Casino Legislation Stalls Again

A Senate leader said he doesn't have enough votes for the measure to pass.

A proposed ballot measure to let Kentucky voters decide whether to legalize casino gambling hasn't garnered enough support yet to gain state Senate passage, a key Republican legislator said Feb. 10.

Senate Majority Caucus Chairman Dan Seum acknowledged he hasn't lined up sufficient backing after emerging from a closed-door meeting of fellow Senate Republicans to discuss the hot-button issue.

Seum said he wouldn't give up on his proposed constitutional amendment, with more than half of this year's 60-day General Assembly session still left.

"At this point in time, I have no plans of putting it on the (Senate) floor, obviously, until I have the necessary votes to pass a constitutional amendment," Seum told reporters.

The Senate and Democrat-controlled House of Representatives are arguing over which body should be the first to introduce casino legislation.