Changes at Pedigree Consultants, TrueNicks

Byron Rogers has assumed responsibility for day-to-day running of TrueNicks.

New duties and continued growth have brought some changes in responsibility and ownership to three of the companies involving well known consultants Alan Porter and Byron Rogers, it was announced April 23.

According to a release, Rogers has assumed responsibility for the day-to-day running of TrueNicks, which is owned by Porter and Rogers in partnership with Blood-Horse Publications. Ian Tapp, who had been responsible for TrueNicks operations, last fall was named editor of The Blood-Horse MarketWatch newsletter.

Rogers will step down as managing partner of Pedigree Consultants, a Thoroughbred consultancy and management company, with Porter taking over sole ownership of that company. Rogers will take greater ownership and ongoing management of Performance Genetics, the release said.

"Byron taking over responsibility for TrueNicks operations will allow him to concentrate on bringing to fruition the next generation of TrueNicks products," Porter said in a statement. "We are also seeing continuing international growth and potential in Performance Genetics, particularly in the area of selection of potential racing stock. The growing demands on time and effort needed to fulfill the potential of TrueNicks and Performance Genetics do, however, mean that it is not possible to do justice to running a third company.

"With regard to Pedigree Consultants, the structures that Byron has put in place on the administrative side mean that I will be able to maintain the levels of efficiency in serving our clients while focusing on the areas that are my particular speciality," Porter added. "In the meantime, I will still be closely involved in developments at TrueNicks and Performance Genetics, both of which I think have very exciting futures."

"I am excited about the potential that Performance Genetics and TrueNicks have." Rogers said. "We are working on a lot of new developments for each of these companies and obviously Alan's ongoing input on product and client development will be integral in their success."