Gulfstream Sets Rainbow 6 Mandatory Payout

If not hit earlier, Florida track will disperse jackpot on Memorial Day May 26.

Gulfstream Park announced there will be a mandatory payout of the Rainbow 6 jackpot bet Memorial Day May 26.

The 20-cent wager, which had a carryover entering the May 10 program of $5.9 million, has not been hit since Jan. 10 and would surpass $6 million this weekend. If there is no single winning ticket on the Rainbow 6 through May 25, the track estimates the total pool on Memorial Day could be anywhere from $10 million to $20 million.

Including May 10, there are eight more days of live racing until Memorial Day.  

The Rainbow 6 only pays its full jackpot if there is a single winner with six correct horses in its six races. But on the mandatory payout day, all players with six correct winners (or fewer if no players hit all six) will divide the pool.

The mandatory payout was originally scheduled June 29, Gulfstream's last day of racing before the end of the state fiscal year. But Gulfstream president Tim Ritvo said guests and customers have been unanimous asking that the date be moved up.

"Since the end of our championship meet our guests, fans, and customers have been asking for us to move the mandatory payout, and many specifically said Memorial Day would be the perfect weekend," Ritvo said. "In our effort to always listen to our customers, we petitioned the state to change the date of the Rainbow 6 and we were granted permission.

"We believe having the mandatory payout on Memorial Day will be a memorable one for one or several of our players. All the major tracks will be in action on Memorial Day, there will be some big races, and it will provide us the best reach to all our loyal customers. We'll have some specials planned that day on-track as well.

"The bettors are the economic engine of our sport. We've always welcomed the opportunity to discuss any suggestions they may have and I want to thank them, all of them, for making this suggestion."