Churchill Wants Some of Welker's $100 Bills

Track says NFL star was paid nearly $15,000 more than he was supposed to receive.

NFL wide receiver and Thoroughbred owner Wes Welker, who celebrated a big betting score on Kentucky Derby day at Churchill Downs by passing out $100 bills, has received a letter from the track demanding back nearly $15,000.

According to, Churchill sent a letter to a Welker representative requesting he return $14,898 after he collected $57,193 on a winning bet. According to the letter that was posted by, the track said it overpaid Welker because of a problem with the terminal and Churchill did not become aware of the mistake until the teller checked out at the end of the day.

On "The Dan Patrick Show," Welker reportedly said he didn't realize he had been overpaid and noted that if he had been underpaid, he doubts Churchill would have tracked him down to give him the rest of his winnings.

Kentucky regulations on pari-mutuel wagering seem to favor Welker if he chooses to keep the money, although if the sides dig in a court may ultimately have to make the final decision.