Washington Sale Establishes Bonus Program

Incentive announced at WTBOA annual membership meeting July 12 at Emerald Downs.

The Washington Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association has announced a new Emerald "Buy Here/Win Here" bonus program for WTBOA summer sale yearlings. 

Conceived by Emerald Downs President Ron Crockett, the program was announced at the WTBOA annual membership meeting July 12 at Emerald.

The Emerald Bonus Program is available to all 2014 WTBOA summer session yearlings that go through the ring.

Bonuses will be paid to qualifying summer session yearlings who break their maiden at Emerald Downs. This one-time bonus will be for qualifying horses of any age and at any level. The bonus will be split, 50% to the consignor and 50% to the owner.

The consignor is the registered owner(s) as listed on the 2014 WTBOA Summer Sale yearling session contract. The owner will be the person who owns the qualifying horse at the time that it breaks its maiden.

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