Thoro-Graph Products Added to

Thoro-Graph sheets and Thor-Quick are now available on

Thoro-Graph and Equibase Company announced Aug. 20 that the Thoro-Graph sheets and Thoro-Quick are now available on

The Equibase website was recently redesigned with a multi-homepage concept including several new features designed specifically for new/casual fans, regular visitors, and seasoned players/expert handicappers.

Each number on a Thoro-Graph Sheet for a horse represents a performance rating arrived at by using the time of the race, beaten lengths, ground lost or saved on the turns, weight carried, and any effects of wind. A lower rating indicates a better performance. and the sheets are used by professional horsemen and handicappers.

The Thoro-Quick product is formatted to provide data for three horses per page and is an abridged version of Thoro-Graph sheets designed for simulcast players.

"The Thoro-Graph sheets are a valuable handicapping tool for high-end handicappers," said Hank Zeitlin, president and chief operating officer for Equibase. "Serious players who get the racing information they need at will now have easy access to these valuable handicapping products."