Equibase to Provide First-Time Gelding Info

Company to make information available in its past performances.

Horseplayers now will know when a racehorse is running for the first time after having been reported as a gelding, it was announced Oct. 2 by Equibase Company president Hank Zeitlin. 

The first-time gelding information is being made available to all tracks for inclusion in track programs nationwide. The data is also being provided within entries, scratches, and changes and within Equibase past performances on www.equibase.com, effective immediately.

"Equibase continually communicates with racing fans, and when several avid members of the Horseplayers Association of North America recently expressed interest in getting access to first-time gelding information, we were only too happy to provide it," said Zeitlin. 

The first-time gelding information within entries will include a superscript 1 next to the sex of the horse and a list of the first-time geldings will be included as a footnote. The scratches and changes page on equibase.com and the RSS feed that is available to consumers and all data customers also will include first-time gelding information. 

"Handicappers look upon first-time gelding information as an important factor, and it will be great to know this before a race," said HANA president Jeff Platt. "There are times when these situations create huge betting opportunities that were previously unknown. I think it's great that horseplayers everywhere will be able to leverage this added information into our handicapping and our wagering decisions."