Chad Harmon

Parx Proposal Continues to Concern Jockeys

Jockeys' Guild officials to meet with riders Friday, March 13.

Officials from the Jockeys' Guild plan to meet with riders at Parx Racing Friday, March 13, over continued concerns about the Philadelphia area track's request that riders sign an indemnity waiver.

Jockeys' Guild national manager Terry Meyocks and legal counsel Mindy Coleman arrived in the Philadelphia area Thursday, March 12, with plans to meet with riders Friday. They said they also would likely talk with track officials.

In November officials from the Guild and a local riders' organization raised concerns about the track requesting riders sign a letter releasing the track from liability. Guild officials said the track's waiver has changed some since then but the Guild continues to advise riders not to sign the agreement.

The current waiver would limit any litigation pursued by a rider against the track to Buck courts in Bucks County, Pa.

The track has told riders who choose to not sign the agreement that they will not be included in the track's catastrophic insurance coverage of up to $1 million for on-track race injuries. The Guild said riders who do not sign the agreement would lose this coverage after March 18. The Guild oppposes tying the agreement to the catastrophic insurance.

The Guild is waiting to hear back from the Pennsylvania Horse Racing Commission after earlier this month requesting an opinion from its legal counsel.