IND Standardbred Trainer Suspended 10 Years

Action taken after synthetic blood doping agent found in post-race test.

Standardbred trainer Bradley Moffitt has been suspended for 10 years for a positive test for darbepoetin alfa, a drug commonly known as DPO.

DPO, an RCI Class 1 drug, is considered a performance enhancer when administered to racehorses. This positive marks the first time a synthetic blood doping agent has been found in Indiana, according to the Indiana Horse Racing Commission.

The commission said the penalty is the result of a settlement agreement between Moffitt and commission staff and was unanimously approved by the at its meeting July 15 in Indianapolis. 

"I believe the 10-year suspension to be an effective deterrent," said Joe Gorajec, IHRC executive director. "Hopefully, this will cause horsemen to think twice before racing a blood-doped horse at an Indiana track."

The race resulting in the positive occurred on May 31, 2014 at Hoosier Park. Moffitt's suspension runs March 18, 2015 through March 18, 2025