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Trevor Denman Track Announcer

Monday November 30, 2006

Talkin' Breeders' Cup 2006

For the first time in its 23-year history, the Breeders' Cup will be televised on ESPN this year and legendary Southern California race caller Trevor Denman begins his tenure as the "Voice of the Breeders' Cup" when he joins the network's team for coverage of the 2006 World Championships.

In a career that spans three decades and several continents, the South African native has become one of the nation's foremost track announcers known for his accuracy and uncanny ability to anticipate developments during a race.

Denman will work with hosts Chris Fowler and Kenny Mayne and analysts Jerry Bailey and Randy Moss, as well as reporters Hank Goldberg, Jeannine Edwards, Joe Tessitore, and others.

Now, let's let Trevor answer your questions.

Tustin, CA:
Thanks for taking the time to chat with your fans. I couldn't be more thrilled that you are calling your first Breeders' Cup. Your great voice, inflection, and descriptively wonderful race calls are the main reason I started following horse racing. Two questions: What do you remember most about calling the '89 Preakness live as the Pimlico track announcer, and have you ever watched the video of Secretariat's Belmont and thought about how you would have called it? Keep up the amazing work!

Thank you. The '89 Preakness is one of the most memorable races I have ever seen. The two horses were never more than a neck apart from the half mile pole to home. I can't say what I would have said in Secretariat's Belmont, however, it is etched in the brain as a golden moment.

Hi. Mr. Denman. Your voice is so sweet. Even without choosing the winner, I feel ecstatic when you make those calls. I put you, sir, and Jim McGrath on the same level of greatness.

For our American readers, Jim McGrath is an Australian who calls the races for the BBC in England. I rate him as the best caller around, so that is quite a compliment you paid me! Thank you!

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