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Steve Haskin Turf Writer

Friday, June 15, 2007

Now that the Triple Crown has concluded with a different winner of each race and an historic victory by the filly Rags to Riches in the Belmont Stakes, it's time to reflect on the three races and look ahead to the Travers and Breeders' Cup Thoroughbred Championships.

To set the stage, Steve Haskin, senior correspondent for the The Blood-Horse magazine and an authority on the Triple Crown, will take questions during a special Talkin' Horses online chat at noon, Friday June 15.

Haskin is an award-winning Turf writer renowned for his Kentucky Derby commentary. During his nearly three decades at Daily Racing Form, Steve made a name with his "Derby Watch" columns.

Haskin--who has won five Red Smith Awards for his Kentucky Derby coverage--is the author of Horse Racing's Holy Grail - The Epic Quest for the Kentucky Derby and biographies of Dr. Fager, John Henry, and Kelso—all published by Eclipse Press.

McArthur, OH:
If Rags to Riches knocks off Street Sense, do you think she'll be in contention for horse of the year?

She'd be in contention, but if Invasor runs the table and wins the Suburban, Whitney, Woodward/or Gold Cup and BC Classic, they have to give to him, especially as the defending Horse of the Year. He can even get beat in the Suburban, but if he wins his second straight Classic, as well as having won the Dubai World Cup, and whatever other stakes he wins this year, it's going to be very difficult to take it away from him. But I will add that if Rags wins the Travers, she will get her share of votes.

Garland, TX:
Hi Steve, I've read all your books; please tell me you are writing another one. Can you also tell me what exactly is meant by firing a horse's ankles?

There is talk about another book for next year, but we're still ironing out the details. There is an idea floating around, and I should know within the week if it's a go. The correct name for firing is pin firing, which is cauterization, using heat to increase the blood flow in a horse's leg. You can often see the marks on the leg where a horse has been pin fired.

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