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Steve Haskin

Thursday May 4, 2006

Kentucky Derby 2006

Mark your calendar for this exciting opportunity to pick the brain of the man known as "Mr. Kentucky Derby" the day after the Derby Draw, when post positions will be known and Steve Haskin answers your questions about how he thinks this year's race will set up.

Senior correspondent for The Blood-Horse since 1998, Haskin is an award-winning Turf writer renowned for his Kentucky Derby commentary.

During his nearly three decades at Daily Racing Form, Steve made a name with his "Derby Watch" columns.

Haskin--who has won four Red Smith Awards for his Kentucky Derby coverage--is the author of Horse Racing's Holy Grail - The Epic Quest for the Kentucky Derby and biographies of Dr. Fager, John Henry, and Kelso—all published by Eclipse Press.

Hockessin, DE:
Do you think Showing Up can follow in the footsteps of Funny Cide and give Barclay Tagg his second Derby winner?

I think he's a very talented horse, but I can't see him winning the Derby. If he does, he's a super horse. He's had only three starts in his life and none over 1 1/16 miles. He's had a foot bruise and a puncture wound, and he's still having problems. He worked slow the other day. The owners have Barbaro, so I can't understand why they would even consider running him. He needs more time, and is simply not seasoned enough for the Derby.

Howard Beach, NY:
Hey Steve, thanks for coming back we appreciate it. As always we love reading your in depth articles on the races. Friends and I read that Roman's Sharp Humor and Baffert's Sinister Minister will go to lead and duel it out. I don't understand that angle. The thing is why would they do jeopardize their colts so early and make it easier for the rest of the pacers/closers? Do you think they're just pulling the wool over our eyes? Also, honestly what type of pace to predict and why? Thanks again Steve; have a great Derby!

Thanks, it's my pleasure to be back. Baffert doesn't believe Sharp Humor has a prayer of running with Sinister Minister. Romans could be trying to pull a fast one (pardon the pun), but the truth is, Sinister Minister cannot be rated. He is pure speed, and that is his only weapon. Sharp Humor has speed, but not that kind of speed. He's a tough, tenacious horse, and I wouldn't want to hook him too early. Both horses have a distinct running style and you can't change that now. I think the pace will be fast, but whenever you're too sure about something in racing, as everyone is about the pace, something unusual usually happens. Let's just say for now that Sinister Minister will be on the lead, with Sharp Humor and Keyed Entry next, and all the main contenders right behind them.

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