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Russell Baze Jockey

Tuesday November 28, 2006

Talkin' Horses invites you to join us here this Tuesday for a special visit with legendary Northern California rider Russell Baze as he chases the dream of a lifetime in his quest to become Thoroughbred racing's all-time leader in career wins by a jockey.

A native of Vancouver and a member of the Racing Hall of Fame since 1999, Baze has won 29 riding titles at Golden Gate Fields and 36 riding titles at Bay Meadows, been the winningest jockey in North America eight times, is a 10-time winner of the National Turf Writers Association's Isaac Murphy Award recognizing the rider with the highest percentage of winners from mounts, won the 2002 George Woolf Memorial Jockey Award, and received a special 1995 Eclipse Award as the first jockey ever to win 400+ races four years in a row (a feat he has repeated in 11 of the past 14 years).

Join Russell as he takes your questions about a career that has seen wins in too many major races to mention aboard a veritable Who's Who of legendary runners.

Queens, NY:
How is your family handling this process of you making racing history any day now?

So far, so good. They're all really excited and rooting for me to do it soon.

Santa Monica, CA:
Russell, congratulations on reaching the homestretch on catching Laffit. It is nice to see a good person rewarded for honest hard work. Samantha Siegel

Thanks, Samantha. If this is the Samantha Siegel that owns racehorses, it was my pleasure to be able to ride and win for you and your father.

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