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Dan Liebman Blood-Horse Editor-in-Chief

Fri Oct. 12, 2007 at 12 p.m. (ET)

Join Dan Liebman, newly-appointed editor-in-chief of The Blood-Horse, for a special Friday edition of “Talkin’ Horses” sponsored by AIRshod.

Liebman, who became only the sixth editor-in-chief in the storied 91-year history of The Blood-Horse on Monday, will be the guest Friday, October 12 at noon ET.

Liebman will offer his take on the current state of Thoroughbred racing and breeding, the future of The Blood-Horse, and other engaging industry-related topics.

Liebman joined Blood-Horse Publications in 1993 as research director and later became executive editor in 1998. Prior to joining the company, Liebman was the Midwest deputy editor for The Racing Times from 1991-1993, and was a columnist for the Kentucky bureau of Daily Racing Form from 1984-1991.

Lexington, KY:
Have you ever owned a racehorse or broodmare? If not, your important position should require that you do. No one can understand the financial risk, heartbreak, and feeling of accomplishment that comes with thoroughbred ownership unless they have experienced it firsthand. I understand that a journalist must remain objective, but speaking from a position of authority requires hands-on experience, not second hand opinion. If you have owned a racehorse or mare, please share your experience.

Yes, I have owned horses. And, I have wagered on many. But I’m not sure I buy your premise. You can report on war without having served in the military. You can report on schools without having been a teacher. But there is a difference. You don’t have to be passionate about education to report on it. Our employees are passionate about horses and about the Thoroughbred industry. I feel very strongly about this industry. Our job has many facets to it, including observing the industry and reporting and commenting on it. Being owned, though operated independently of, the Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders Association, Blood-Horse Publications is a part of the industry.

Shreveport, LA:
I just have a comment. I wanted to say thank you for The Blood-Horse magazine. I love receiving my copies in the mail. Now that John Henry is gone, I look forward to the next issue because I know it will be about him. I love the great coverage you do of all the horses. Thank you.

Thanks very much for the kind comments. As the person that for the past nine years planned the content, I’m happy you have enjoyed reading it. John Henry was a true hero to so many of us. I saw him at the Kentucky Horse Park many times. His death was just like his races, fighting the battle valiantly.

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