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Alice Chandler Owner - Mill Ridge Farm

Thursday, Dec 6, 2007

Alice Chandler is the owner of Mill Ridge Farm, which she started in 1962. The farm comprises 1050 acres in Fayette County, Kentucky. Mill Ridge is a major consignor to the Keeneland Sales, races a few horses for itself and boards horses for many successful breeders both in the United States and abroad. Mrs. Chandler has been a racehorse owner for 60 years.

Mrs. Chandler is the daughter of Keeneland founder and Kentucky horseman Hal Price Headley. Mr. Headley's influence as a breeder remains strong through the descendants of several broodmares, notably his champion Alcibiades, whos descendant Sir Ivor went on to win the 1968 Epsom Derby, only the third American bred to do so in nearly 200 runnings.

In addtion to standing the stallions Gone West and Johar at the farm, Mill Ridge has bred many stakes winners: Sir Ivor, Keeper Hill, Nicosia, Ciao, Hadif, Honor In War, Secret Hello, Flemensfirth, Golden Gear, Rash Statement, Pillow Talk, Rose Park, and raised on her farm Ramruma, Cetewayo, Kumari Continent, Bienamado, Point Given, Scorpion, Spain, Symboli Kris S, Giacomo, Tiago, Sweet Catomine, Artie Schiller, Dessert, Dr. Arbatach, and Johar. The dam of 2006 Kentucky Derby (G1) winner Barbaro, La Ville Rouge, also resides at the farm with her 2007 foal, a full brother to the Derby champ. Another full brother, soon-to-be 2-year-old Nicanor, was also raised at Mill Ridge.

Mrs. Chandler has served on the board of many Thoroughbred organizations during her racing career, including the Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders since 1976, Director of Keeneland Association since 1981, Member of The Jockey Club since 1989, Chair of Gluck Equine Research Center, and Director of The Breeders' Cup. She is married to John Chandler, DVM, President of Prince Khalid Abdullah's Juddmonte Farms.

Clearwater, FL:
Can you give us an update on Barbaro's full brother, who will turn 1 January 1st, 2008.

He is growing and has plenty of bone. He is quite a lengthy colt, a medium bay with a double cowlick in his forehead, and a small white snip in his right nostril.

Nashville, TN:
Who are some of the other women currently in racing that you have respect for and think do a great job?

Helen Alexander, Kristen Mulhall, Charlsie Cantey, Dell Hancock, Jenine Sahadi, Linda Rice, Christine Janks, Charlotte Weber and the late Trudy McCaffery.

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