Ad Specifications


The Blood-Horse is printed on an offset heat set web press, with perfect binding, we are printed at a 175 line screen. Trim size: 8.125 x 10.875."; bleed size: 8.375" x 11.125"; image safety area 7" x 10". Advertisers, who place copy or artwork outside of this image area, do so at their own risk as information could be lost in the trimming process. There are three columns to the standard page, each 2.25" wide. In the Stakes Winners Section, there are two columns to the page, each 3.38" wide. For full bleed, allow .125" on each side, top and bottom. Copy for bleed pages should not exceed the image area. For spreads bleeding across the gutter, allow .125" for each page for bindery grind off.

Digital Ad Specifications

Preferred Format: We use a single page PDF workflow. Our preference is to receive files as high res PDF. We can accept digital files prepared in and received as InDesign or QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Freehand, PhotoShop, PC QuarkXpress; however files furnished in these formats will incur a fee for normalizing and making a PDF. If we correct RGB to CMYK, bleeds, fonts or resolution a $25.00 fee will be charged. We ask for an accurate proof to be provided. Photos and images should be scanned at a minimum 300 dpi.

Spreads: Our workflow system requires spreads be set up as single pages. If we do not receive as single pages you will be assessed a charge for separating the pages.

Fonts: All native files must be accompanied by fonts. Type 1 fonts or Open Type fonts are preferred; please include screen and printer fonts. Fonts for PC files will be substituted with the Mac font equivalent.

Photos: All photos must be a minimum of 300 dpi in CMYK. Advertiser will incur a charge if a photo is converted from RGB to CMYK.


Graphics format:

Electronic transmissions: Please send a PDF proof to your ad rep or fax a copy of the ad along with the name and extension of the file(s), to 859.276.6706. File names should be as short as possible and contain only alpha-numerical characters. Avoid blank spaces and punctuation marks. Small files, can be sent e-mail to:

Larger files can be sent via FTP using a FTP client or your web browser:

USERNAME: bhproduction
PASSWORD: pogo051

Production inquiries

Lisa Coots
Production Director

Forrest Begley
Traffic Manager

Katie Taylor
Associate Production Manager

Customer Service, Fax Number 859-276-6706.

Materials received after 5 p.m. ET, Thursday will incur a late fee.

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Contract and Rate Conditions

All advertising contracts are accepted subject to the terms and provisions of the current rate card, and no waiver or modification is binding upon The Blood-Horse unless in writing and approved by the Publisher.

The Blood-Horse shall be subject to no liability for failure to publish or circulate any advertising because of accidents, fires, work stoppages, dilatory postal delivery, acts of God, or other circumstances beyond the control of The Blood-Horse.

Insertion orders are binding on the advertiser at issue closing date and may not be canceled thereafter, but The Blood-Horse reserves the unrestricted right to reject any advertising at any time. Failure by The Blood-Horse to publish advertising matter invalidates the insertion order for such matter, but shall not constitute a breach of contract nor affect any earned discount.

All advertising must be clearly identified as such by inclusion of a trademark, logotype, or name of the advertiser, or the word ”advertisement” shall be printed at the top and bottom of such advertisement. Any advertisement that mimics editorial layout is subject to review, and shall be clearly labeled as ”advertisement.” The Blood-Horse expressly reserves the right not to publish any advertisement which, in the opinion of the Publisher, is inappropriate.

All advertising claims or assertions must be supported by documentary evidence, and if put in question by The Blood-Horse, the burden of proof rests with the advertiser and his agent. The Blood-Horse relies on statistics furnished by The Jockey Club Information Systems and Daily Racing Form for verification.

All advertising is accepted only upon representation of the advertising agency and the advertiser that each of them is authorized to publish the entire content of the advertisement, and that the advertiser has the right to, and is capable of, selling or providing, timely, the product or service advertised at the price advertised. In consideration for publication of an advertisement, the advertiser and advertising agency, jointly and severally, agree to indemnify and save harmless The Blood-Horse and staff members from and against any loss, liability, and expense, including reasonable attorney fees, incurred by reason of any claim that may arise out of publication of such advertisement.

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Payments and Commissions

Advertising accounts are billed on the last day of the month of insertion, net due payable within 10 days with no discount. A 1.5% monthly service charge (APR of 18.0%) is added to the unpaid balance of accounts due after 30 days. The advertiser and agent are jointly and severally liable for payment of accounts to The Blood-Horse. If payment is not received within 90 days of billing from an agent, the corresponding advertiser shall be billed directly by The Blood-Horse.

Commission discounts are allowed recognized advertising agencies which supply insertion orders and complete advertising materials, and which assume responsibility for payment. A 15.0% commission may be discounted from accounts paid in full within 60 days. A 10.0% percent commission may be discounted from accounts paid within 90 days of billing. No agency discounts are allowed on any accounts unpaid for more than 90 days. Agency commissions apply to space, color and special position charges only. Other charges are not commissionable.

Suitable materials include digital files, or film prepared to specification, however advertisements furnished as film may incur conversion charges.

Any difference between rate scheduled and rate earned (short rate) is due 10 days following billing for the last insertion of a schedule. Rebates, limited to one frequency discount greater than scheduled, are credited when earned and requested.

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