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The top horses, breeders, owners, trainers and jockeys by North American race earnings.

Top 100 Owners by North American Race Earnings.

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Last Updated: September 18, 2014 04:00 AM

1 Ramsey, Kenneth L. and Sarah K.411997152$6,618,83124%54%
2 Midwest Thoroughbreds, Inc.776180115120$3,880,26223%53%
3 Coburn, Steven and Martin, Perry65--$3,317,80083%83%
4John C. Oxley241384027$3,214,04316%44%
5 Juddmonte Farms, Inc.78171010$2,825,36522%47%
6Maggi Moss3251167643$2,733,48036%72%
7 Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC80211010$2,386,82126%51%
8 Phipps Stable81121312$2,225,59715%46%
9Gary Barber8117129$2,185,05021%47%
10 Repole Stable121272313$2,181,96322%52%
11 West Point Thoroughbreds138173128$2,166,24912%55%
12 Drawing Away Stable and Jacobson, David227524338$2,145,75823%59%
13Robert S. Evans8021129$2,108,42526%53%
14 Kaleem Shah, Inc.561873$2,077,21732%50%
15 Glen Hill Farm135292511$2,062,72321%48%
16 Hronis Racing LLC124241916$1,961,54019%48%
17 Darley Stable210323324$1,960,61115%42%
18 Dubb, Michael, Bethlehem Stables LLC and Aisquith, Gary102311411$1,817,69630%55%
19 Broman, Sr., Chester and Mary146322317$1,796,92522%49%
20 Zayat Stables, LLC151271727$1,781,48118%47%
21 Dogwood Stable481458$1,752,21929%56%
22Patricia A. Generazio238433830$1,692,57918%47%
23 Klaravich Stables, Inc. and Lawrence, William H.130221916$1,681,01517%44%
24 Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC188354121$1,659,64519%52%
25 Hill, Jim and Susan157251621$1,647,54716%39%
26 Augustin Stable164264420$1,635,19616%55%
27 Centennial Farms33653$1,540,53018%42%
28 West, Gary and Mary126292420$1,524,55023%58%
29Danny R. Caldwell253735236$1,522,20229%64%
30 Loooch Racing Stable, Inc.4051108748$1,521,52327%60%
31 Sam-Son Farm7520510$1,493,31427%47%
32 Conquest Stables, LLC5418127$1,472,14133%69%
33 Watson, Karl, Pegram, Michael E. and Weitman, Paul411093$1,471,72624%54%
34 Reddam Racing LLC181212224$1,452,86612%37%
35 Stonestreet Stables LLC71231010$1,398,71732%61%
36 Magnier, Mrs. John, Tabor, Michael and Smith, Derrick39984$1,385,81523%54%
37 KM Racing Enterprise, Inc.44436$1,363,7109%30%
38William Stiritz340945245$1,360,09428%56%
39 Southern Equine Stable LLC39856$1,351,81021%49%
40 WinStar Farm LLC6613148$1,341,42120%53%
41 Eclipse Thoroughbred Partners601286$1,335,12520%43%
42 Godolphin Racing LLC511084$1,327,87120%43%
43 Jacks or Better Farm, Inc.146252823$1,308,30117%52%
44 Live Oak Plantation161303015$1,307,97419%47%
45Magalen O. Bryant100181711$1,303,15918%46%
46 Treadway Racing Stable491248$1,302,73124%49%
47 Mr. Amore Stable144332415$1,289,45823%50%
48 Crossed Sabres Farm143282120$1,288,15220%48%
49 Lieblong, Alex and JoAnn102181515$1,275,80018%47%
50 Rontos Racing Stable Corp.213212437$1,258,27510%38%
51 Robison, J. Kirk and Judy196423830$1,224,62321%56%
52Andrew Sulley240354635$1,208,19515%48%
53 Amerman Racing LLC8411159$1,193,22613%42%
54David Jacobson118322022$1,189,74027%63%
55Bruno Schickedanz401555848$1,148,66914%40%
56 The Elkstone Group LLC224362653$1,135,28116%51%
57Brereton C. Jones89172012$1,109,30819%55%
58 Shadwell Stable113181110$1,096,25216%35%
59 Stronach Stables177322923$1,094,54118%47%
60 My Meadowview Farm726910$1,093,2598%35%
61 Claiborne Farm and Dilschneider, Adele B.621497$1,077,71323%48%
62 Ulwelling, Al and Bill247464727$1,075,94219%49%
63 Fox Hill Farms, Inc.492064$1,066,27041%61%
64Barry K. Schwartz94231611$1,053,53624%53%
65Antonino Miuccio53111311$1,052,32021%66%
66Richard Santulli125261923$1,032,19021%54%
67 Gumpster Stable LLC204413933$1,025,52820%55%
68 Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Larry D.117212319$984,09718%54%
69Jack J. Armstrong170353224$976,91221%54%
70 Trilogy Stable and Plesa, Laurie21932$970,11343%67%
71Joseph E. Besecker244533940$964,37422%54%
72 Starlight Racing4610107$964,22622%59%
73 WinStar Farm LLC and Twin Creeks Racing Stables, LLC1262-$943,97650%67%
74 Peachtree Stable70171014$938,77024%59%
75 White Wabbit Wacing LLC195423341$925,95022%59%
76Ivan Dalos56968$925,89416%41%
77 Jungle Racing LLC, KMN Racing LLC, Hollendorfer, Litt, Solis II and Todaro33--$921,000100%100%
78James A. Riccio83212113$906,16925%66%
79 Moss, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S.73141313$896,27419%55%
80Charles E. Fipke111111216$890,01010%35%
81Frank Carl Calabrese190502920$888,84426%52%
82 Whispering Oaks Farm LLC132272917$877,12620%55%
83 Dream Walkin Farms, Inc.280373742$848,53113%41%
84 Tucci Stables9016108$844,12318%38%
85 Honors Stable Corp.15722$836,14647%73%
86G. Watts Humphrey, Jr.121112017$833,6499%40%
87 Alesia, Sharon, Bran Jam Stable and Ciaglia Racing LLC40959$832,00623%58%
88 Hall, George and Lori72151010$806,94121%49%
89Randy Patterson631279$801,36419%44%
90 Peter Redekop B. C., Ltd.7721147$798,24627%55%
91 Diamond Pride LLC, Lanni Family Trust, Mercedes Stable LLC and Schiappa, B.511-$791,00020%40%
92 Hays, Billy, Hays, Donna and Hays, Justin268854040$788,30732%62%
93 Flaxman Holdings, Ltd.18642$785,40933%67%
94 Calumet Farm144102018$781,2337%33%
95Steven M. Asmussen199494027$773,99425%58%
96 Bear Stables, Ltd.114161310$772,83914%34%
97Frank D. Di Giulio, Jr.73161212$766,00722%55%
98 St. Elias Stable and West Point Thoroughbreds31663$759,65219%48%
99Stuart S. Janney, III50968$754,86018%46%
100 Miller Racing LLC81171911$738,76121%58%