Racing Leaders

The top horses, breeders, owners, trainers and jockeys by North American race earnings.

Top 100 Owners by North American Race Earnings.

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Last Updated: December 31, 2011 04:00 AM

1 Midwest Thoroughbreds, Inc.1,410415268215$6,267,14429%64%
2 Ramsey, Kenneth L. and Sarah K.4861168655$4,934,63824%53%
3 WinStar Farm LLC166273020$4,538,43416%46%
4 Hall, George and Lori222414034$4,092,87618%52%
5 Zayat Stables, LLC238492830$3,886,64821%45%
6 Repole Stable262613742$3,804,61323%53%
7 Magnier, Mrs. John, Tabor, Michael and Smith, Derrick5212511$3,551,93223%54%
8 Live Oak Plantation209452932$3,468,22222%51%
9Maggi Moss4951709274$3,443,82734%68%
10 Team Valor International7821117$3,206,88527%50%
11 Augustin Stable264455332$2,947,86917%49%
12 Melnyk Racing Stables, Inc.298743736$2,940,36725%49%
13 Fox Hill Farms, Inc.70191010$2,361,30327%56%
14 Darley Stable246463033$2,359,55819%44%
15 Peachtree Stable109261916$2,335,73724%56%
16Charles E. Fipke199322828$2,282,14316%44%
17 Klaravich Stables, Inc. and Lawrence, William H.257465630$2,261,27818%51%
18 Flying Zee Stable473707169$2,225,94815%44%
19 Glen Hill Farm141312222$2,200,29522%53%
20 Jay Em Ess Stable215513227$2,171,41124%51%
21 Stronach Stables229453630$2,137,84120%48%
22 Hays, Billy, Donna and Justin1,058271180142$2,132,48826%56%
23 Lauffer, Michael and Cubbedge, W.D.19562$2,097,31926%68%
24Frank Carl Calabrese3471016359$2,094,83529%64%
25 Arnold Zetcher LLC61151413$2,019,17325%69%
26 Spendthrift Farm LLC7114119$1,999,90020%48%
27William Stiritz439936560$1,918,70721%50%
28 Watson, Karl, Pegram, Michael E. and Weitman, Paul511677$1,861,35031%59%
29 West Point Thoroughbreds260324447$1,861,26012%47%
30 Vinery Stables101251417$1,837,70125%55%
31 Moss, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome S.141282523$1,808,50720%54%
32 Donver Stable10419513$1,747,35118%36%
33 Preston Stables LLC5214116$1,746,55227%60%
34 Stonestreet Stables and Bolton, George9421$1,711,00044%78%
35 Bear Stables, Ltd.196402325$1,689,50020%45%
36 PTK, LLC3671048948$1,685,93128%66%
37 Palides Investments N.V., Inc.19542$1,683,61126%58%
38 Team Block130282018$1,676,20422%51%
39John C. Oxley118242217$1,601,82020%53%
40 E. Paul Robsham Stables LLC8125139$1,584,85131%58%
41Martin S. Schwartz30755$1,523,72423%57%
42 Juddmonte Farms, Inc.86141417$1,488,18016%52%
43 Peter Redekop B. C., Ltd.134322423$1,462,69924%59%
44 Dogwood Stable211383224$1,461,07918%45%
45 Heiligbrodt Racing Stable377536760$1,425,67914%48%
46Brereton C. Jones160352917$1,394,58422%51%
47 Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Larry D.170293628$1,394,43517%55%
48 Gold Mark Farm LLC219413933$1,380,25119%52%
49 Sanford, Thomas C. and Spawr, William24735$1,363,05229%63%
50Donald R. Dizney112171616$1,314,11515%44%
51 Monarch Stables, Inc.429825858$1,303,79719%46%
52Robert V. LaPenta8113910$1,300,87916%40%
53Kaleem Shah8617227$1,292,86920%53%
54 Farnsworth Stables LLC112201611$1,261,98418%42%
55 Silverton Hill LLC213403223$1,258,77919%45%
56 Stonestreet Stables LLC6316156$1,249,40825%59%
57 Godolphin Racing LLC324114$1,249,38713%59%
58 Diamond Pride LLC, Lanni Family Trust, Mercedes Stable LLC and Schiappa, B.5121$1,240,00020%80%
59 Hay, Mrs. Fitriani, Smith, Derrick, Magnier, Mrs. John and Tabor, Michael, B.33--$1,236,000100%100%
60 The Elkstone Group LLC289595138$1,225,92320%51%
61 Sam-Son Farms137151422$1,208,28311%37%
62 Jacks or Better Farm, Inc.173251825$1,202,04714%39%
63 Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC234483340$1,191,50121%52%
64 Winchell Thoroughbreds LLC651687$1,172,74425%48%
65 La Canada Stables LLC243435034$1,167,88518%52%
66 Mill House341094$1,164,57829%68%
67Stuart S. Janney, III601678$1,147,34727%52%
68 MAT Stables, LLC158372326$1,133,03323%54%
69 Sanders, Wayne and Hirsch, Larry104221919$1,125,44921%58%
70 Estate of Edward P. Evans67141011$1,121,57821%52%
71 Hilvers, Peter and Mary and Johnston, E. W. and Judy65--$1,116,00083%83%
72Richard Santulli165293019$1,099,83418%47%
73R. Larry Johnson154271920$1,094,35318%43%
74 Todd, Glen and Kinsella, Patrick163604024$1,091,90137%76%
75 Mast Thoroughbreds LLC184322820$1,083,85717%43%
76 Brown, Jr., Donald L. and Beattie, Stephanie S.254754731$1,082,48530%60%
77 Hansen, Kendall, M.D. and Sky Chai Racing11--$1,080,000100%100%
78 Pinnacle Racing Stables and Kaplan, William A.26733$1,077,13527%50%
79 My Purple Haze Stables322686845$1,069,88921%56%
80 Four D Stable1033-$1,049,63030%60%
81 Lael Stables143241931$1,047,90317%52%
82 Pin Oak Stable141212412$1,044,72415%40%
83 Norseman Racing Stable84131714$1,034,21715%52%
84 Wertheimer and Frere82121117$1,018,97715%49%
85 Castleton Lyons31476$1,012,99713%55%
86 Coteau Grove Farms LLC122312313$1,004,88625%55%
87 Class Racing Stable127232213$1,004,12418%46%
88 Red Oak Stable (Brunetti)144242614$1,002,11117%44%
89 McNeil Stables, LLC and Cheyenne Stables, LLC20515$994,50025%55%
90Steven M. Asmussen165452122$992,65827%53%
91William L. Clifton, Jr.28536$988,03018%50%
92 C R K Stable491397$977,08527%59%
93Patricia A. Generazio230273534$976,37012%42%
94Barry K. Schwartz118323011$974,88427%62%
95 Phipps Stable8815146$961,86017%40%
96 Coudelaria Jessica5411811$960,71520%56%
97 Klein, Richard, Bertram and Elaine8419149$947,98823%50%
98Gilbert G. Campbell156323413$930,82921%51%
99 Brittlyn Stable, Inc.82211511$926,58626%57%
100Benjamin C. Warren249232631$924,9449%32%