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Burdensome Paperwork Focus of KHRC

Problems associated with having the necessary paperwork transferred in an efficient and timely matter for horses that move from state to state to compete were the focal point of discussion at the Dec. 15 meeting of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission.

New Whip Rule for Steeplechase Jockeys

The National Steeplechase Association has adopted a new whip rule beginning with its April 3 racing at Southern Pines, N.C. The new rule requires the use of a cushioned, shock-absorbent whip by all jockeys. The change in the rule follows that of the English Jockey Club and was created to improve the racing conditions for Thoroughbred horses competing in NSA events.

Why, Daddy?

By Steve Montemarano -- The flagrant use of the whip in horse racing is out of step with how society has changed over the decades. What was once tolerated may now be perceived as wrong.

British Jockey Club Amends Whip Rules

The British Jockey Club has just amended its whip rules, recommending that jockeys, both in jump and Flat racing, carry whips that have shock-absorbing characteristics. The recommending of these whips is set to be the first step before it is made compulsory for jockeys to carry them as they do not mark horses. Leading jump jockeys are due to try out a new whip, modified by Robert Patton of Old Mill Saddlery, Northern Ireland, from the revolutionary Aircush whip which was launched in 1999,, within the next couple of weeks.

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