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CHRB Head: Use Account Wagering Wisely

Alan Landsburg believes account wagering can do a lot of good for California, but only if is it used to introduce a new audience to horse racing. Otherwise, it "will be little more than a pinky in a crumbling dike," the California Horse Racing Board chairman said.

Youbet Eager to Begin Taking Wagers in California

With the California Horse Racing Board giving final approval last Friday to regulations for advance deposit wagering, is gearing up to begin taking wagers in the state once it is legal in January 2002.

California Governor Considers Racing Bill

California Gov. Gray Davis is a pro-labor Democrat who has spoken out in opposition to the expansion of gambling in his state. That's why a bill passed in the waning hours of the 2000 California legislative session poses something of a dilemma to the first-term governor.

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