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Fleecing of America

By Ray Paulick -- Maybe the horse industry should borrow a page from the marketing program for the modest, but fast-growing the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association.

By All Accounts

By Ray Paulick -- Concern for the racing fan and the industry doesn't appear to be driving some of the decisions regarding account wagering in California.

Merge Ahead?

By Ray Paulick -- If racing commissions can't decide which national organization should represent them, it seems almost absurd to suggest the industry should move toward uniform medication rules.

The Importance of TVG

By Ray Paulick -- Without question, the TV Games Network has fallen short of the mark in its first 18 months of existence.

Advise and Dissent

By Ray Paulick -- The conclusions and recommendations given the NTRA in a draft memo should be reviewed carefully by the NTRA's board of directors and executive team.

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